Sunday, September 26, 2010

What is Protandim?

I have had lots of traffic and interest on my blog post about my new business, so I thought I would take a moment to explain more about what exactly it is and how it works.

If you are local and want to learn more, I am having another informational meeting in my home this Wednesday, September 29th at 6:30p.  If you are out of town, you can email me any questions you have, at info at mamaandbabylove dot com.

Protandim is the only supplement clinically proven to reduce oxidative stress by an average 40%, slowing down the cell aging process to the level of a 20 year-old. While conventional or direct antioxidants can neutralize only one free radical molecule, Protandim triggers the creation of enzymes that can each eliminate over a million free radical molecules per second without being used up.

Scientific research has validated oxidative stress—damage to your body’s cells by free radicals—as the root cause, at the cellular level, of aging. In fact, studies show that metabolic wear and tear caused by free radicals in cells accelerates aging, the problems associated with aging and contributes to more than 100 health conditions.

While traditional food and supplements eliminate one free radical for every one antioxidant molecule consumed, one Protandim a day eliminates free radicals at a rate of one million to one per second every second and reduces your oxidative stress level to that of a 20 year old in just 30 days!

Click here to check out some of the clinical studies.  

And here is one from LSU that found that taking Protadim reduces skin cancer tumors! This study made us decide to start giving our dog, Sky, a half a pill every day.  He is 8 years old and a few years old started getting those skin tabs and little beningn skin cancer tumors, that usually turn worse as the age.  I will keep you all posted if we notice a decrease in size and amount.

So what exactly is in it?  And how does it work?

The ingredients are: Milk Thistle, Green Tea, Bacopa, Ashwagandha and TurmericClick here for a description of each ingredient from the LifeVantage website.

Here's how it works:
The vast majority of antioxidant supplements sold today are "direct antioxidants". Direct antioxidants attempt to neutralize free radicals through direct consumption of antioxidant pills, juices, or other products. These products of highly concentrated levels of vitamin A, C and E were previously thought to effectively eliminate free radicals, but scientists are now realizing the limitations of direct antioxidants. In fact, you would need to consume the antioxidants found in 375 oranges or 87 glasses of red wine or about 120 vitamin C tablets (500mg) a day to neutralize the amount of free radicals your body produces every single day.

With the recognition of the ineffectiveness of direct antioxidants comes the realization that there must be a better way. And as is often the case in science, the better way has come to light as we have found a variety of naturally occurring safe products that signal your cells’ DNA to produce your own natural defenses.

The unique blend of phytonutrients in Protandim signal your body’s genes to produce special antioxidant enzymes, SOD (superoxide dismutase) and CAT (catalase), that work together as the body’s first line of defense against free radicals.* These enzymes are “catalytic”, which means that SOD and CAT are not used up when they neutralize free radicals. A single daily caplet of Protandim creates a cascade of your body’s natural catalytic antioxidants that are able to destroy millions of free radicals per second, on a continuous
basis - 24/7.*

If you haven't watched the ABC Primetime Special video yet, you absolutely must!  It explains how it works very well and its only 9 minutes.  Click here to watch the video. Its 9 minutes, you can do it!

And again, if you would like more information, I am having a meeting in my home on September 29th at 6:30p. Email me and I will send you directions.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I realize this post is pretty old, but I had to mention as a science major... your body already produces SOD and catalase and other natural antioxidants, since you produce free radicals just by normal cellular metabolism. You are already neutralizing millions of free radicals, thus you would never need 375 oranges unless you had a whole series of weird genetic abnormalities that would be incompatible with life. I haven't read about this particular remedy, but I imagine it's not all it's cracked up to be.

August 15, 2011 at 11:04 PM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

Hi Anonymous, I am a science major too! Although, you would never know, based on what I am doing as a career now! Your body stops making enough SOD and catlase after the age of 20. It is one of the reasons you age. So protandim stimulates your body to increase your production back to when you were a 20 year old. If you have any questions let me know, but check out some of the links and the studies, they are very impressive. :)

August 16, 2011 at 11:00 AM  
Blogger Megs501 said...

Stephanie, I am truly fascinated with your blog and kowledge. I only wishi had the money to try all the fabulous things you write about!

Thanks for sharing with us.

August 29, 2011 at 12:38 AM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

@Megs501...thank you!! If you are looking to create an income for yourself, this might be the ticket and then buying your supplements goes towards your business. ;)

August 30, 2011 at 4:40 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

I just found your blog through Pinterest. I'm having fun looking around. I just wanted to let you know that the link for the video is not working.

September 8, 2011 at 10:19 PM  

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